• Thinking Boldly


    Thinking Boldly - Region begins to imagine the transit network of the future

    Civic leaders across southwestern Pennsylvania want people to start thinking big about the future of transportation in the region. Imagine commuter rail extending to the airport, expanded bus rapid transit, connected bike lanes throughout the area, smart traffic signals—that kind of big. More

  • Stuck In Traffic


    Photo by David Fulmer | Flickr

    Pittsburgh area motorists travel roads that are less congested than in most major metropolitan areas. While that may come as a surprise to anyone idling in front of the Squirrel Hill tunnel or crawling over the Fort Pitt Bridge, the differences are significant. More

  • Bike City

    Bike City - Envisioning a cyclist-friendly Pittsburgh via a network of new lanes

    More people are biking in Pittsburgh, according to data and similar anecdotes. And everyone from planners and the city’s new mayor to national biking organizations are taking notice. More

  • Transit’s New Era



    The Port Authority of Allegheny County’s chronic fiscal crisis was lifted with the stroke of the governor’s pen in November to the relief of downtown businesses, seniors, regional developers, people with disabilities and— although they might not realize it—suburban commuters who prefer their cars over a Port Authority bus or light rail transit. More