• Photo by Fraser Mummery

    Unemployment Up After Historic Month

    The unemployment rate in southwestern Pennsylvania bounced back up to 4.1 percent in June after falling below 4 percent in... More

  • Photo by David Brossard

    Job Growth Steady

    Southwestern Pennsylvania experienced another month of steady job growth in June. The region added 11,700 jobs from June 2017 to... More

  • Photo by 0xFF

    Region's Demographics Changing

    Southwestern Pennsylvania is starting to look more like the United States as the region’s population becomes more diverse, the latest... More

  • Photo by Colin Creitz

    Unemployment Falls Hard

    Southwestern Pennsylvania hasn’t seen an unemployment rate this low since Richard Nixon was president, the Beatles announced they were breaking... More

  • Photo by Nick Amoscato

    Region Adds Jobs

    Employers continue to add to their payrolls in southwestern Pennsylvania in May, although there are signs it might be slowing.... More

  • Photo by Argia Sbolenfi

    Lower Unemployment, Smaller Labor Force

    Unemployment fell in southwestern Pennsylvania in April compared to one year earlier, but the region’s labor force continues to shrink.... More

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    2017 Was Good For Business

    Information technology and robotics lead the region as the most active sectors for business deals and jobs in the Pittsburgh... More

  • Photo by Stuart Webster

    Air: Good News And Bad

    Falling ozone pollution levels have led southwestern Pennsylvania to be declared in “attainment” of the current federal health-based standard, a... More

  • Photo by Jeremy Schultz

    Local Wages Still Struggle To Compete

    Wages in southwestern Pennsylvania have risen steadily in recent years. But the average local wage  is lower in many occupations compared to peer... More

What's New

Growth in GDP

Pittsburgh’s gross domestic product (GDP) increased 0.1 percent and had the second-smallest rate of growth from 2015 to 2016. Pittsburgh’s per capita real GDP saw the third-smallest year-over-year growth of...


Local Employment and Unemployment

Metropolitan Pittsburgh’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate decreased 1.1 percent from 5.0 percent in June 2017 to 4.1 percent in June 2018. During that period, the number of people in the...


All Crimes by MSA

Crime rates in the Pittsburgh MSA tend to be lower than those in most of our benchmark regions. In 2016, the Pittsburgh MSA ranked as the safest metro area among...

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