Usage Guidelines

We welcome you to use our data to further your own projects. You may also republish our original articles, special reports, charts and graphs for free, unless otherwise noted on the work. There are, however, a few conditions:

  • Editing our stories is not permitted, except when necessary to account for changes in time, location or editorial style. “Last week,” for example, can be changed to “last month,” if doing so is necessary to adjust to a change in time. Another example: “City of Pittsburgh” can be changed to “Pittsburgh” or “here” to accommodate editorial style.
  • If our copy editors miss a typo or misspelling, please notify Pittsburgh Today (see below) about the error. Permission will then be granted to make the correction.
  • Graphs and charts can be republished for free without prior permission.
  • Photographs, however, cannot be republished without permission.
  • You must credit us when republishing our original work. The credit must be in the byline. Our preference is: Author’s Name, Pittsburgh Today.
  • The following footnote must be used at the end of the article or report: Pittsburgh Today is a program of the University of Pittsburgh; its work, including statistical comparisons of Pittsburgh to 15 other regions, can be found at
  • We offer the option of running the Pittsburgh Today logo with the article. It can be downloaded online by clicking here.
  • When republishing our work online, you must link to us and preserve all links that are contained within the original report or article.
  • You cannot republish our work for the purpose of selling it separately.

We encourage you to republish our work. For questions, special permissions or to report errors in the work, please contact the Pittsburgh Today team at